C4!! Cochise College Comic Con

Cochise College Comic Con (C4!!) is an annual multi-genre comic convention sponsored and hosted by Cochise College and the Digital Media Arts Club (DMAC). This year Cochise College Comic Con (C4!!) will be held on February 8th and 9th, 2020, from 9 am to 6 pm on the Sierra Vista Campus of Cochise College. Tickets are $12 for a one-day pass, $20 for a two-day pass, $10 for a military pass (must bring ID), and kids 12 and under are free (they must be issued a pass).

Tickets for C4!! 2020 are on sale now!

The primary focus of C4!! is pop culture, cosplay, anime, science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, superhero, horror, art, animation, science, film, media, manga, RPGs, writing and gaming, but other fan genres are welcome. Throughout the event there will be Panel Discussions, Vendor Rooms, Live-Action Role-playing, Table Top Gaming, Anime, Costume Contests, Signings, Readings, Photo Ops, Food, and Entertainment.

Arizona Sun Corridor
Sierra Vista lies at the center of the southern part of the Arizona Sun Corridor, home to many fan conventions.

Sierra Vista, one hour southeast of Tucson, was previously home to several pop culture fan conventions, including Game On! Sierra Vista. The nearby community of Bisbee has hosted the Alice in Bisbeeland festival, and Thatcher, one hour northeast of Sierra Vista, will host their annual Gila Valley Comic Con. And of course Tucson is famed for its Tucson Comic-Con, TusCon, RinCon, and the Tucson Festival of Books. The southern part of the Arizona Sun Corridor is a major hotbed for fan conventions, and Sierra Vista sits at the center of the region.

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We thank Southern Arizona for supporting C4!! All vendor space is reserved, although if you wish to be on the Standby List, please contact hyder@cochise.edu .

2020 Schedule

The 2020 Event Schedule is here.

2020 Guests

Voice actor Derek Stephen Prince will appear at C4!! 2020! Mr. Prince is the voice actor behind Kingdom Hearts character Vexen, Ken Ichijoji and Veemon from the second season of Digimon, Uryu Ishida in Bleach, Shino Aburame in Naruto, Keitaro Urashima in Love Hina and Guts in Kill La Kill. He is a graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, graduating in 1991 with a BFA in Musical Theater. He has been in the voiceover industry for 23 years. Derek Stephen Prince has 167 actor credits listed on the IMDb, but to kids of the late 1990s Prince will always be the amusing voice of “Elgar The Mutant” in 45 episodes of Power Rangers Turbo (1997).

Voice actor Paul St. Peter will return to C4!! 2020!!! The voice of Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as Kurama in Digimon, Yammy Llargo in Bleach, Majini in Resident Evil, and the man of 1,000 voices will be here! C4 is proud to bring this Hollywood voice actor to you!

Paul St. Peter voice of Xemnas will be at Cochise College Comic Con 2019

quinton flynn

C4!! Welcomes well-known voice actor and writer Quinton Flynn, known for Robot Chicken, Digimon World, Naruto, Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated, Star Wars: The Old Republic – Onslaught, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Bleach, Mass Effect 2, Kingdom Hearts,  Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and Johnny Quest, among hundreds of other screen credits.

Mr. Flynn’s voice work in film, television, and video games is legendary, and we’re pleased to bring him to C4!! 2020.


C4!! Welcomes back AZ Powergirl/Cara Nicole! Cara has worked for Marvel and Big City Comics at San Diego Comicon and is the model for Magic: The Gathering’s Emmara Tandris card (not many people can say that they are on a Magic card). Cara Nicole travels internationally to comic book, anime, pop- culture and other conventions. But with all of her success, she has not lost sight of her start in comics and still participates in as many local charity events as possible. Especially when it involves children or blood drives.

The Justice League of Arizona will appear at C4!! 2020! JLAZ is an all-volunteer organization formed to bring Arizona costume enthusiasts together under a collective identity with which to operate. JLAZ contributes to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.

The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association will appear at C4!! 2020! The organization exists to celebrate the work of David Weber and the universe he has created in his Honor Harrington books. As an organization, they are structured much like the world that David has created. They have many opportunities for all to participate. They enjoy gathering together for the camaraderie and we love to support all kinds of charities. The official charity of the organization is Big Cat Rescue. Their bobcat, Max, is the official mascot. Members currently include over 5000 people from 46 countries/territories! Eighth Fleet is making a port call to C4!! Comic Con with the newly commissioned HMS Cyclops, CLAC -11, a Minotaur Class LAC Carrier.

Author Guest of Honor Yvonne Navarro will be at C4!! 2020! Yvonne lives in southern Arizona, and is the author of twenty-three published novels and well over a hundred short stories, plus numerous non-fiction articles and two editions of a reference dictionary. Her writing has won the Horror Writers Association’s Bram Stoker Award plus a number of other writing awards. She also draws and paints, and once sold a canvas print of a zombie painting. She is married to author Weston Ochse. Her most recently published book is Supernatural: The Usual Sacrifices. She is currently working on 4,274 projects and losing ground. More info, including a complete bibliography, is available on her website.

Author Guest of Honor Weston Ochse will appear at C4!! 2020! A writer of nearly thirty books in multiple genres, his military supernatural series SEAL Team 666 has been optioned to be a movie starring Dwayne Johnson and his military sci fi trilogy, which starts with Grunt Life, has been praised for its PTSD-positive depiction of soldiers at peace and at war.

Weston has also published literary fiction, poetry, comics, and non-fiction articles. His shorter work has appeared in DC Comics, IDW Comics, Soldier of Fortune Magazine, Cemetery Dance, and peered literary journals. His franchise work includes the X-Files, Predator, Aliens, Hellboy, Clive Barker’s Midian, and V-Wars. Weston holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and teaches at Southern New Hampshire University. He lives in Arizona with his wife, and fellow author, Yvonne Navarro and their Great Danes.

Author BJ Kurtz will appear at C4!! 2020!  BJ has been writing fiction since middle school, but as a youth she wrote a sports column for the local paper as well as developing an edition of the Cochise College magazine, The Mirage.

She wrote her first full-length fantasy novel when she was a sophomore in high school, which would later turn into the first novel in her successful Atlantis series. BJ prides herself on writing stories that question the power of human relationships while entertaining readers with the essence of paranormal and fantasy plots.

bj kurtz will be at c4 2019.jpg

Cosplayers Kanracos, Ruffinmuffin, Selenoash, and @hahacos will appear at C4!! 2020! See them at the cosplay panels on both Saturday and Sunday!


The Batcar will appear out of the darkness and into Sierra Vista! Cochise College Comic Con is proud to announce the return of this incredible batmobile! POW!

The Star Trek USS Coyote NCC-71825 will be beaming down to C4!! in 2020! The USS Coyote (NCC-71825) is a Star Trek fan club charted under STARFLEET International which is one of the oldest Star Trek based fan clubs in the world. Make it so!

Kid Ever will be at Cochise College Comic Con 2018Kid Ever will make an appearance at C4!! 2020! Kid Ever is an artist and comedian based out of the Phoenix area. He has performed comedy all over the southwest and has toured the country with his art. He is the creator of the satirical Rock Star High comic book and the illustrator for the upcoming board game To Grandmother’s House. He will appear in the C4!! comedy show.

The Society for Creative Anachronism will be at C4!! 2020! These historical re-enactors, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, hold events which feature tournaments, royal courts, feasts, dancing, and more. More info at their website.


Amtgard is back for a fourth year at C4!! Amtgard is represented by the Sierra Vista chapter of Amtgard, Wyvern’s Roost. Stop by and they’ll be more than happy to show you the basics of fighting, Amtgard-style!

The Star Wars 501st Legion Dune Sea Garrison is heading back to our galaxy! The Dune Sea Garrison is the Arizona chapter of the international Star Wars costuming club known as the 501st Legion, and they will appear at Cochise College Comic Con 2020!

Vendors and Organizations

C4!! Would like to thank each one of our amazing vendors and awesome organizations. Please patronize their businesses and help bring them back every year!

Almost Normal Comics
Always Be Thor
Arizona Justice League
Art by Alé
ASL Club
BJ Kurtz
Bowie Art
Classified Association
Cochise College Library
Cochise College Virtual Reality
Cut Out For Me
Dan’s Comics
Derek Stephen Prince
DJ Bea7s
Doc’s Dyes
Dragon & Wolf Crafts
Friction Games LLC
G&T Customs
Guest Cosplay
Happy Turtle Tea
Hybrords by Dark Attic Games
Its lit
Jeff Davenport of KKYZ-FM
JS Anime
Koops Comics
Kristina Guerrero-Sisneroz for JP5
Lady T’s Comic Keys
Mandalorian Mercenaries
Mia Vasquez
Pak Rat Collectables
Patriot Printing Southern Arizona
Paul St. Peter
Perler Bead Booth/Are You Smarter Than a Video Gamer?
Quinton Flynn
Revolution Gaming
Rising Sun
Rosie Carpenter
Sandy Russell for Superior Court Judge
Scifi Cards
Sew Easy Sewing
Shaun Cochran
She Geeks Art
Society for Creative Anachronism/Strong Oak Club
Southern Arizona Star Trek Federation
Star Wars 501st
Stay Humble Hustle Hard Tees
Storm Designs
Super Hero Deals
TaTa Ruben’s Kettlecorn LLC
The Fault Line Players’ NerdCast
The Royal Manticorian Navy
Tabletop Games Club
Tom’s Comics
Traveling Cabinet of Curiosities
VR’R Paracord Bracelets
Weston Ochse and Yvonne Navarro
Wyvern’s Roost (Amtgard)
Yay 4 Anime
Zoodoo Dolls