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Cochise College Comic Con 2018Cochise College Comic Con (C4!!) is an annual multi-genre comic convention sponsored and hosted by Cochise College and the Digital Media Arts Club (DMAC). In 2018, Cochise College Comic Con (C4!!) was held on February 10th and 11th, 2018, from 10 am to 6 pm on the Sierra Vista Campus of Cochise College.

The primary focus of C4!! is cosplay, anime, science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, superhero, horror, art, animation, science, film, media, manga, RPGs, writing and gaming, but other fan genres are welcome. Throughout the event there will be Panel Discussions, Vendor Rooms, Live-Action Role-playing, Table Top Gaming, Anime, Costume Contests, Signings, Readings, Photo Ops, Food, and Entertainment.

Arizona Sun Corridor
Sierra Vista lies at the center of the southern part of the Arizona Sun Corridor, home to many fan conventions.

Sierra Vista, one hour southeast of Tucson, was previously home to several pop culture fan conventions, including Game On! Sierra Vista. The nearby community of Bisbee has hosted the Alice in Bisbeeland festival, and Thatcher, one hour northeast of Sierra Vista, will host its first annual Gila Valley Comic Con this year. And of course Tucson is famed for its Tucson Comic-Con, TusCon, RinCon, and the Tucson Festival of Books. The southern part of the Arizona Sun Corridor is a major hotbed for fan conventions, and Sierra Vista sits at the center of the region.


For more info, please contact us! We are no longer accepting vendor applications.


Cochise College Comic Con invited the community to participate in the comic con event, and we were blown away by the response. We have no more space this year.


The Mermaid Odette will make an appearance at C4!! 2018! This undersea adventurer has surfaced just in time for the Comic Con! Come meet her!

The Arizona Avengers will be at C4 2018! See these amazing costumed superheroes on Saturday only!

Voice actor Paul St. Peter will Be at C4!! 2018!!! The voice of Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts, as well as Kurama in Digimon, Yammy Llargo in Bleach, Majini in Resident Evil, and the man of 1,000 voices will be here! C4 is proud to bring this Hollywood actor to you!

Paul St. Peter voice of Xemnas will be at Cochise College Comic Con 2018

Red Ranger/Blue Zeo Ranger Steve Cardenas will be at C4!! The star of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Turbo (among other TV shows) will appear at C4 2018!! We are excited to bring you this special guest!

Steve Cardenas Red Ranger will be at Cochise College Comic Con 2018.jpg

Amtgard is back for a second year at C4!! This year, Amtgard is represented by the new Sierra Vista chapter of Amtgard, Wyvern’s Roost. Founded by people who were introduced to Amtgard at last year’s C4, their park is enthusiastic and growing. Stop by and they’ll be more than happy to show you the basics of fighting, Amtgard-style!

Kid Ever will be at Cochise College Comic Con 2018

Kid Ever will make an appearance at C4!! 2018! Kid Ever is an artist and comedian based out of the Phoenix area. He has performed comedy all over the southwest and has toured the country with his art. He is the creator of the satirical Rock Star High comic book and the illustrator for the upcoming board game To Grandmother’s House. He will appear in the C4!! comedy show.

James Hoenscheidt will be at Cochise College Comic Con 2018 - 2

Comedian and actor James Hoenscheidt is an Arizona treasure. He has received multiple awards from the American College Theater Festival, appeared in various movies and TV shows, and regularly engages local audiences with his fun and nerdy humor. He will appear in the C4!! comedy show.

Steve Marek will be at Cochise College Comic Con 2018Steve Marek has been entertaining audiences of all ages for nearly a decade as a stand-up comedian and as a musician. He will appear in the C4!! comedy show. More info available at his website.

Ernesto Ortiz will be at Cochise College Comic Con 2018

Comedian, actor, and storyteller Ernesto Ortiz has performed all over the country and has produced and starred in a variety of comedy shows and theatrical productions. He has been featured in a number of commercial campaigns and appeared in The Encounter with Morgan Fairchild. He has had extensive experience with nonprofits, including a stint as the Executive Director of the 1 Voice LGBT Community Center and as a board member of Phoenix Pride. He will appear in the C4!! comedy show.

Author Yvonne Navarro will be at C4!! 2018! Yvonne lives in southern Arizona, and is the author of twenty-three published novels and well over a hundred short stories, plus numerous non-fiction articles and two editions of a reference dictionary. Her writing has won the Historical Writers Association’s Bram Stoker Award plus a number of other writing awards. She also draws and paints, and once sold a canvas print of a zombie painting. She is married to author Weston Ochse. Her most recently published book is Supernatural: The Usual Sacrifices. She is currently working on 4,274 projects and losing ground. More info, including a complete bibliography, is available on her website.

The Society for Creative Anachronism will be at C4!! 2018! These historical reenactors, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, hold events which feature tournaments, royal courts, feasts, dancing, and more. More info at their website.

See an actual DeLorean DMC-12, as seen in the hit 1985 film Back to the Future! This authentic vehicle is the same make and model as the one driven by Christoper Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in the popular Back to the Future film franchise. Synchronize your watches. The future’s coming back…

Heroes United AZ will appear at Cochise College Comic Con 2018! Heroes United AZ is an Arizona-based costuming charity group, with heroes spanning the multi-verse of pop culture cosplay, dedicated to serving the community. We welcome them to C4!!

The Arizona Legacy Rangers will be at Cochise College Comic Con in 2018! The Arizona Legacy Rangers work to bring Power Rangers fans together in Arizona. They also work with different charity groups as cosplayers or participating in drives to give monetary donations. Their goal is to bring the Ranger legacy to those in need. Join them as they bring the legacy to C4!!

The Star Wars 501st Legion Dune Sea Garrison is heading to our galaxy! The Dune Sea Garrison is the Arizona chapter of the international Star Wars costuming club known as the 501st Legion, and they will appear at Cochise College Comic Con 2018!

The Star Trek USS Coyote NCC-71825 will be beaming down to C4 in 2018! The USS Coyote (NCC-71825) is a Star Trek fan club charted under STARFLEET International which is one of the oldest Star Trek based fan clubs in the world. Make it so!

The Batcar will appear out of the darkness and into Sierra Vista! Cochise College Comic Con is proud to announce the return of this incredible batmobile! POW!


Team Library/IMS will be holding their Virtual Reality station for C4 in 2018! Join them in a virtual world!

Guests of Honor Jeffrey J. Mariotte and Marsheila Rockwell will be at C4!! 2018! This husband and wife team have written more than 60 novels between them, including 7 SYKOS and their most recent novel, Mafia III: Plain of Jars, the authorized prequel to the hit video game. In addition to their original novels, they’ve written Dungeons and Dragons books and a trilogy based on Neil Gaiman’s Lady Justice comic books (Rockwell) and novels set in the worlds of Spider-Man, Superman, Gen13, and 30 Days of Night (Mariotte). They’ve also written dozens of short stories, separately and together. Some of their solo stories are collected in Nine Frights (Mariotte) and Bridges of Longing (Rockwell). Their published collaborations include short works “A Soul in the Hand,” “John Barleycorn Must Die,” “A Single Feather,” “X-Files: Transmissions,” “Son of Blob,” and “The Lottons Show,” as well as the Evil Dead 2 comic book story “Scream Queen.” Mariotte has been VP of Marketing for WildStorm Productions/Image Comics, Senior Editor for WildStorm Productions/DC Comics, Editor-in-Chief at IDW Publishing, and Books Division Chief at Visionary Comics. Rockwell is a celebrated, multiple Rhysling Award-nominated poet. You can find more complete bibliographies and news about upcoming projects, both collaborative and solo, at her website and his website.