Club Constitution



Constitution of the Cochise College Digital Media Arts Club

Article I: Organization Name

 The name of this organization shall be the Cochise College Digital Media Arts Club, and hereafter referred to as DMAC.

Article II: Purpose

Section 1:       The mission of DMAC is For Digital Media and Multimedia art students to encourage and inspire each other in their artistic endeavors.

Section 2:       Semester goals are determined during the beginning of each semester. Semester goals must be consistent with the Mission Statement.

Article III: Membership Composition

Section 1:       To become a member of DMAC, a student must:

  1. Have interest in digital media and/or art.
  2. Be a Cochise College student.
  3. Attend a DMAC meeting.

Section 2:       Membership in DMAC shall consist of two levels: active and honorary. To become and maintain a level of membership, members must meet all criteria for that level.

To be considered an active member, one must:

  1. Attend at least three events or meetings per academic semester.
  2. Maintain good standing with DMAC and Cochise College.


To be considered an honorary member, a person must:

  1. Have made a significant contribution to DMAC through a combination of dedication, participation, funds, service, and ideas.
  2. Be approved by the club advisor(s).
  3. Remain in good standing with DMAC.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1:       Each officer is responsible for the duties of his or her assigned office. Officers are required to attend club meetings, officer meetings, and all-clubs meetings. If officers are not completing their duties, they may be asked to resign.  All officers are representatives of DMAC and should act accordingly.

Section 2:       DMAC officers shall consist of six positions: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, historian, and communications.

Duties of the president:

  1. Develop meeting agenda at the officer meetings and post the agenda to Google Drive for approval three days before the meeting.
  2. Preside at official meetings in conjunction with advisor(s).
  3. Work with advisors to appoint and dissolve committees, and their chairs, as deemed necessary.
  4. Serve as an ex officio member of all committees.
  5. Serve as an official representative of DMAC at all times.
  6. Coordinate and maintain strong relationships with advisors, officers, and members.
  7. Express any concerns regarding members or officers directly to advisors.
  8. Uphold DMAC’s constitution and assure actions are in accordance with the mission and vision of the club.
  9. Promote any vacant officer positions.

Duties of the vice-president:

  1. Assist the president with his/her duties.
  2. Assume the duties of the president in his/her absence.
  3. Perform other such duties that the president may delegate.

Duties of the secretary:

  1. Record accurate and detailed minutes of meetings, which are to be posted to Google Drive no less than 72 hours after the meeting adjourned.
  2. Maintain all club records as electronic copies.
  3. Record all information from prospective members.
  4. Other duties as assigned.

Duties of the treasurer:

  1. Coordinate finances with advisors. Maintain accurate and detailed financial records, as both physical copies (receipts) and digital copies and post to Google Drive upon receipt.
  2. Submit a monthly financial report to the advisors and President using Google Drive at least 48 hours prior to the monthly officer meetings. The report should include purchases, payments, fundraising, donations, and estimations for projects.
  3. Collect and deposit funds to the correct accounts immediately.
  4. Chair all fundraising committees.
  5. Provide receipts upon receiving payments or donations.

Duties of the historian:

  1. Maintain an accurate account of DMAC’s events, activities, and achievements. An electronic copy of this history should be maintained on Google Drive.
  2. Take pictures of events and activities.
  3. Maintain membership records.

Duties of the communications officer:

  1. Maintain the club’s social media websites through uploading pictures, informing members of upcoming meetings and events, inviting community members to participate in events, and actively recruiting new members to join. All updates must be approved by the president and club advisor(s) prior to sending out.
  2. Coordinate publicity. Communicate with non-member parties regarding events, meetings, activities, and projects in coordination with club advisor(s).

Article V: Officer Election

Section 1:       Officers of DMAC will be either part-time or full-time students at Cochise College.

Section 2:       A candidate must submit his/her letter of intent to club advisor(s). Once approved to run for an office, elections will take place at the beginning of the fall semester. Officers serve for one academic year provided they are still a Cochise College student and can fulfill their duties.  All officers must be approved by the club advisor(s).

Section 3:       Vacant officer positions may be appointed by the president with advisor approval.  Such appointed officers will serve for the balance of the current academic year.

Article VI: Advisors

Section 1:       DMAC needs at least one full-time Cochise College faculty or staff member as an advisor to conduct regular business.

Section 2:       An advisor’s main responsibility is to guide and assist officers and members in conducting club business. Other responsibilities include:

  1. Resolving conflicts between members.
  2. Verifying officers are completing their duties.
  3. Support student activities by attendance and participation.
  4. Represent the club’s interests before other faculty members.
  5. Providing final approval of all proposed activities and expenditures.

Section 3:       Advisor(s) have the right and responsibility to over-rule any decision or action that has the potential to harm the best interest of the club.

Article VII: Meetings

Section 1:       Meetings consist of at least three types: general membership, officer, and all clubs. Officers are required to attend all meetings.

General membership meetings are held weekly. The time/day is set by the club advisor(s).

Officer meetings are to be held once a month at a time/date to be determined in conjunction with club advisor(s).

Monthly all-clubs meetings are under SGA supervision.  Other ad hoc meetings may be called by the advisor(s) as needed.

Section 2:       General membership meetings are for gathering ideas, informing members of upcoming events and activities, special elections, and announcements.  Programs that share or promote digital media and arts are also a key part of general membership meetings.

Officer meetings are for officers and advisors. Officer meetings are for instruction in leadership development, setting agendas, event planning/coordination, constitutional amendments, officer business, and club business.

All-clubs meetings are open to all members and officers are required to attend. The purpose of all-clubs meetings is to gather information and to update the college community on activities of DMAC.


Article VIII: Committees

Committees are organized by the president and advisor(s) to research ideas, projects, service, and fundraising.  A committee is composed of a committee chair, appointed by the president and advisor(s), and at least two other members, either volunteers or appointees by the committee chair.

 Article IX: Events

DMAC must participate in at least one service project each semester. DMAC must also participate in at least one event per semester. Events include service, fundraising, fieldtrips and projects.

Article IX: Amending the Constitution

Amendments to the constitution must be presented at an officer meeting by the concerned party. Officers can make recommendations to change the amendment, after a final version of the amendment is presented, the officers and advisors must approve it.  Advisors may summarily amend the Constitution.

Article X: Addenda