If you would like to become an officer of the Cochise College Digital Media Arts Club, please click here to apply.

We have elected the following officers:

President, Jonathan Wilhelm
Vice-President, Sabrina Avila
Secretary, Cameron Roberts
Treasurer, Luis Galaviz
Communications, Eddie Flores
Historian, Blaise Gordon

President: The person who serves in this position will work with the club advisors and officers to set the agendas for the meetings and to organize events. The person in this leadership role will work hard to create an inclusive environment and to increase club membership. He or she will foster strong, positive relationships with members, officers, and advisors.

Vice-President: The person who serves in this position also has an important leadership role and will step in to do the President’s duties if he/she is absent from a meeting. The VP works closely with the other officers to help accomplish the club’s tasks and goals.

Secretary: This person will keep records of the meetings and post those notes to Google Drive in the DMAC folder within 72 hours. He or she will keep records of all members.

Treasurer: This person is responsible for the finances and will work with the club advisors to keep track of funds.

Historian: This person will record all events and take pictures. He or she will help maintain membership records.

Communications: This person is primarily responsible for the website and recruitment.